Electrical planning to HOAI 1-9

Electrical planning to HOAI 1-9

In Germany, the tasks of engineers are divided into 9 performance levels (HOAI 1-9).

Service phase 1 - Basic analysis

In this performance phase, I agree with the builder's ideas and wishes.

  • Clarify the task with the client and the object planner
Service phase 2 - Preliminary planning (project preparation)

Now a planning concept   with different variants is developed and discussed. In this phase, initial design sketches will be presented.

  • Profitability analysis
  • Setting up a function diagram or schematic diagram
  • Clarify and explain specific relationships
  • Participate in preliminary negotiations with authorities
  • Cost estimate according to DIN 276
Service phase 3 - Draft planning

Recessed elaboration of the design concept with object description. Display through first installation drawings. Cost control of the first cost estimate. In this project phase, a detailed cost calculation with fixed numbers is created.

  • Development of a graphic solution
  • Set all systems and components
  • Cost calculation
  • Elaborate the final solution
Service phase 4 - Authorization

Elaboration of the electrotechnical specification for the necessary approval planning taking into account other trades.

  • Creating the electrotechnical specification
Service phase 5 - Implementation planning

Develop and display the   planning solution. Creation of electrical installation drawings.

  • Grounding
  • Drawings of the installations with dimensions
  • Light calculation
  • Participation in the design of fire alarm and electroacoustic systems (BMA and ELA)
  • Drawings for the cable routes
Service phase 6 - Preparation of the order

Required products amount and quantity

  • Price quotes
  • Technical adjustments
Service phase 7 - Contracting with suppliers

Checking offers with order proposal

  • Checking and evaluating offers, including setting up a price index
  • Participate in negotiation with tenderers and prepare a tender proposal
  • Cost control
Service phase 8 - Construction supervision

Object monitoring (construction supervision)

  • Participate in setting up and monitoring a schedule
  • Monitor the work
  • Check the quantities
  • Accompanying the acceptance
  • Cost estimation
  • Check the documentation
Service phase 9 - Claim Management

Überwachen der Beseitigung von Mängeln und Dokumentation

  • Monitor the removal of defects and documentation
  • Warranty control

Special services

  • Zeichnungserstellung in 3D
  • Erstellen der technischen Details eines Raumbuches
  • Prüfen und Anerkennen von Montage- und Werkstattzeichnungen
  • Anfertigen von Stromlaufplänen
  • Anfertigen von Leerrohrplänen
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